Tips for Vacation to Bali for Beginners

These are Bali Holiday Tips for Beginners who are Super Thrifty and Low Bugdet, Important! Here are vacation tips to Bali for you beginners who want to fill your vacation time on the Island of the Gods, for that, you need vacation tips to Bali for beginners so that the vacation you plan can be low budget but still fun.

At least, until now there are three main reasons why many tourists go on vacation to Bali. First, tourists are fascinated by the natural scenery, very impressive, presenting a variety of interesting spots. Not only about the beach, the highlands to terraced rice fields are the advantages of this area.

The second reason that is often heard is that the Island of the Gods still presents a cultural panorama. One of the things you can see is the Ngaben ceremony, the Kecak dance performance, to see the Hindu worship ceremony. This culture is very difficult to find, even some other countries have slowly started to leave it.

Lastly, visitors like various kinds of souvenirs such as knick-knacks, typical fabrics with various kinds of ornaments, paintings, to bags made of rattan. For those of you who have never been to Bali and want to come there. Try to see first share tips from us like, below.

1. Determining the Best Time for Vacation to Bali

Tips for a vacation to Bali for beginners, the first is to determine the time of departure. Look first in the calendar when the long holiday comes. Try to avoid it, the fact is that at that time the Island of the Gods was full of tourists from various countries. This makes you uncomfortable.

For photo activities is also not good. The background that should have been the best spot had to just disappear because, many visitors were pacing here and there. In addition, all prices will increase starting from lodging, tickets, to car or motorbike rental. In fact, the increase can reach 3 times.

Not only that, you also have to face traffic jams. This makes the entire schedule that has been made must change instantly. Even worse, something has to be deleted because, time is not sufficient. We recommend that you come only during the dry season from April to October.

However, the peak of the beauty of the Island of the Gods is actually in December and May. At this time the sun is on the south side. So, those of you who like to hunt sunset or sunrise. This month is the best time to see it. However, it should be noted that during the dry season the temperature in Bali can reach 37 degrees, very hot indeed.

2. Booking Tickets and Lodging in Advance

booking ticket

The second step you can take is booking tickets and lodging, flights and last but not least, bali airport shuttle or private transfer to your accommodation first. Even though you come on weekdays and not the holiday season, Bali is still crowded. Many visitors come for various purposes, where in addition to traveling, there are also those who come to Bali for business purposes.

3. Choose to Use Airway


Heading to Bali can be done with various transportation options. If you want a fast time then the air route is the most appropriate choice. Almost all cities in Indonesia provide flight routes to Denpasar. For the price varies, ranging from IDR 300 thousand to millions of rupiah.

To get cheap prices, look for various promos provided by E-commerce. It should be noted that aircraft prices are volatile. So, try to continue to monitor it at least, once every 1 hour. Currently the cost is IDR 900 thousand, it could be, in the next hour it will drop sharply to IDR 650 thousand and don’t buy it right away if you don’t know the lower limit rate. How to find out is very easy. Keep track of the airline’s fares within one week. If the lowest number is IDR 500 thousand, you can use that value as a reference for determining the lower limit.

4. Choose to use land and sea routes

Choose to use land and sea routes

The second option for a vacation to Bali is to use the land route by bus. Their current appearance was different. It has provided many VIP to executive facilities with an unquestionable level of comfort. For the price range from Rp. 300 thousand to IDR 700 thousand. The next option, can use a combination of trains and ships. The fare for these two transports is much cheaper. The Sri Tanjung economic train from Yogyakarta is the choice of tourists, the fare is only IDR 90 thousand.

Get off at Ketapang Station next, take a boat to Gilimanuk Harbor. Another option is the Wijayakusuma Train, the fare starts from Rp. 200 thousand to Rp. 500 thousand. The advantage of Wijayakusuma is on the schedule. arrived in Banyuwangi at 7 am. After that you can walk about 5 minutes to the port.

6. Better to Rent a Vehicle

car rent

The island of the gods is not yet friendly about transportation for tourists. Therefore, it is better to rent a car. You are required to have a driving license A or C. Then, submit proof of identity, either a photo ID card or flight ticket or other identity as proof that it is you.

The price starts from IDR 300 thousand for a car and the time system is 24 hours. So, when you borrow at 10 am, it must be returned back at 10 am as well. The terms and conditions are not too different. And before starting to rent, make sure the condition of the vehicle and the completeness of the documents.

7. Select Favorite Menu

Choose Favorite Menu

A vacation to Bali feels incomplete if you don’t enjoy a variety of favorite menu choices. There are many special foods that you must enjoy. There are duck betutu, jinggo rice, satay wraps, and many more. It is undeniable indeed, all the food menu has a very delicious taste.

However, try to enjoy it at a street stall. The taste is not much different but, the price is much cheaper. For you Muslims, you have to be careful especially when you are in the Denpasar area. Need to be careful in choosing most of them are not halal. However, there are also some that provide halal menus.

Tips for a vacation to Bali for the next beginner, before going to tourist attractions it is better to eat first or buy it at the market. Buying logistics both food and drinks at tourist sites is quite expensive. The difference can be up to two times.

8. Buy Souvenirs at Traditional Markets

Buy Souvenirs at Traditional Markets

A vacation to Bali will seem lacking if you haven’t bought typical souvenirs such as knick-knacks that are quite interesting. It is more advisable to buy it in various traditional markets only. The quality is not much different, in terms of the price is much cheaper. Almost all of them are interesting to buy.

However, just buy enough so that it is not too burdensome when you return home. If, the time to go home is longer. So, never buy food unless it’s an additional provision when you get home. Moreover, if you take a plane too much weight will increase the fare because you have to increase the cost of baggage.

So after reading the article above, you definitely don’t think that a vacation in Bali is very draining on the wallet. There are always many ways and tips for a vacation to Bali for beginners or those who have visited often to save money.

A good vacation is not a way to waste money. If you spend more on vacation, of course this will actually create stress. Therefore, always take a frugal, wise, useful and fun vacation.