vacation to Labuan Bajo is the right choice for you nature lovers with white sand on each beach and towering hills trying to touch the clouds. vacation to Labuan Bajo is perfect for a family vacation or going with your beloved partner. Labuan Bajo is one of the villages of 19 villages and sub-districts located in Komodo sub-district, West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara province, Indonesia. Labuan Bajo was previously a sub-district as well as the capital of Komodo District and is also the capital of West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Now it is being developed into the city of Labuan Bajo.

Labuan Bajo is one of the destinations that both domestic and foreign travelers want to visit. As a tourist destination in the eastern part of Indonesia, Labuan Bajo does compete with a number of other tourist destinations such as Lombok and Bali.

The three tourist locations both make natural tourism a superior. However, only Labuan Bajo has the Komodo dragon as one of the world’s protected and lagngka reptiles. Moreover, Labuan Bajo is the starting point of a trip to Komodo National Park which holds natural beauty such as Padar Island, Pink Beach, and the best diving spots, and of course Komodo dragons that are second to none on earth. One thing is certain that a vacation to Labuan Bajo will give you unforgettable memories for a lifetime.

Although initially it was only a fishing village, the existence of Komodo National Park and its various natural beauties, made this place a tourist destination for both domestic and international tourists. It does not mean that tourist attractions in Labuan Bajo are only on the islands in Komodo National Park, because in the Labuan Bajo area itself, there are many interesting tourist attractions that must be visited if you decide to take a vacation to Labuan Bajo!

The following is a list of enchanting tourist attractions located in Labuan Bajo:

1) Ameila Peak and Sylvia Peak

Ameila Peak and Sylvia Peak

The peak of Amelia is an interesting place in Labuan Bajo where you can see the sunrise and sunset with an amazingly spectacular view of the blue sea as wide as the eye can see. located not far from Bukit Cinta, but the route to get there is a bit twisted so it feels a little far and takes time.
Temapat is also located close to Waecicu Beach (about 10 minutes by foot). Amelia Peak is also close to Sylvia Peak, so you can visit one of these two hills to see the sunset.

2) Waecicu Beach

Waecicu Beach

White sand stretching along the waecicu beach in the north of Labuan Bajo. The location is not far from the very popular AYANA Komodo Resort. The waves are slow and not heavy, it is perfect for swimming or just sunbathing, enjoying the hot sun and relaxing is also fun here. This beach is visited by various sailing ships with beautiful shapes from this beach. Because the location is not too far from Bukit Cinta and Bukit Amalia, or Bukit Sylvia, you can relax in the afternoon here enjoying the sensation of an amazing sunset, then go to one of the spots to see the beauty of the extraordinary scenery on this island.

3) The Hill of Love

The Hill of Love

The name Bukit Cinta was given because this place is indeed the right spot for visitors to make love and indeed many young couples spend time on this hill at night. The blue sea, views of Labuan Bajo City, rows of trees and green hills will spoil the eyes of every visitor to this hill.

Because it is located on the western tip of Flores Island, with the open sea in front of it, Labuan Bajo is one of the best cities to see the sunset. There are several points that present the best sunset here, one of which is Bukit Cinta. You can climb Bukit Cinta about 30 minutes from the parking area. There is no fee to pay to see the sunset here, only parking fees. You can come around 17.00 WITA to get around the peak when the Golden Sunset occurs.

4) Rangko Cave

Rangko Cave

The locals call it Goa Rangko. Goa means “cave”, after all. Tourists have different reasons for visiting the cave. Apart from the beauty, it is also about the adventure. In order to reach the cave, you need to pass through a bridge. Below this wooden bridge, there is sea water. Not to mention there are colorful corals. Once you reach the shorelines, you may find a cottage. It was built for visitors. That means you can rest here before heading to the cave.

According to local people, the best time to visit the cave is at noon. The sun ray will be natural illumination. Actually, visitors are allowed to swim in it. The thing is you aren’t allowed to litter. Make sure you take care of the environment well. That means you aren’t allowed to pee in the pool either. Once you explore the cave, it is time to conduct another adventure. Don’t spend too much time inside. The cave gets darker over time. Located only 4km from Labuan Bajo, Goa Batu Cermin is a cave located on one of the hills in Labuan Bajo. Its name is taken from the phenomenon of light bouncing off the rocks at one point in the cave, which makes it look like a mirror.
Its location, which is not far from various main tourist areas in Labuan Bajo, makes this cave one of the things you must visit if you are on vacation in Labuan Bajo.

5) Komodo Island

komodo dragon

The name Komodo Island from the famous lizard that lives on it is the largest island in Komodo National Park with an area of ​​390 km2. Located in the western part of the park, Komodo is less visited than Rinca Island due to its more or less wild location. With an estimated population of 1,000 Komodo dragons living on the island, give it slightly less than Rinca. Wild pigs, buffalo, Sumba deer, monkeys, wild horses and many species of snakes on this island. To meet Komodo dragons in their habitat, you need trekking, so prepare a good physique and comfortable shoes.

Komodo consists of three types of vegetation with savanna around the coastline covering 70%, monsoon forest with dry tropical islands located between sea level and an altitude of 500 meters and quasi cloud forest above 500 meters. Mount Satalibo is the highest point of Komodo which reaches 730 meters. Two of the most famous Komodo National Park spots are located on Komodo, Pink Beach and Gili Lawa Darat. A guard post in the small fishing village of Komodo will welcome you to find the Komodo dragon’s habitat very safely.

Vacation to Labuan Bajo, How Much Budget Should You Provide?

some of you still doubt how much budget should be provided to enjoy the panoramic view of the sea and hills in Labuan Bajo. Businesses provide some estimates that you can use as guidelines and prepare the costs of a vacation to Labuan Bajo carefully. Air travel accommodation is one of the considerations before heading to Labuan Bajo. From Jakarta, you will find two airlines that provide direct flights to Komodo Airport. Flights from Soekarno Hatta Airport, at least cost IDR 1.5 million – IDR 2.1 million.

Adjust the available budget to select airlines. Flights from Jakarta will take at least 2 hours and 30 minutes. You can also enjoy direct flights when traveling from Bali. At least you also spend between Rp1 million – Rp1.4 million and arrive in about 1 hour 40 minutes.

Meanwhile, you must be willing to transit if you fly from Yogyakarta or Surabaya to Labuan Bajo. The cost is slightly more expensive than the Bali – Labuan Bajo flight.

Already gone will certainly come back. Suppose you are flying from Jakarta. At least for round-trip accommodation, it requires funds of around Rp. 3 million more. Try to book tickets in advance to get a relatively cheaper price than usual.

After completing flight accommodation, the next cost you need to take into account is when you are in Labuan Bajo, whether you are eating, shopping for souvenirs, or staying overnight.

For some tourist locations, you will be charged an entrance ticket. Not to mention the desire to see Komodo dragons also requires escort from officers. Usually one ranger is only for five tourists.

If you are traveling without using a travel agent, you should plan the destinations you want to visit carefully. The choice of lodging also varies from millions to only IDR 350,000 per night.

When deciding on a destination, make sure in advance how much it costs to travel to that location. The reason is, several spots must be reached by ship.

If you use a travel agent, at least you have to spend around IDR 2.7 million for a one-day trip per person for a number of destinations.

komodo island

Meanwhile, for tours for several days, it is enough to add the cost according to the travel you choose. Also make sure to bring backup costs for impromptu purposes With the calculations above, are you ready to go on vacation to Labuan Bajo?

Choice of Tour Packages to Labuan Bajo and Komodo National Park
There are various tour packages for tourist attractions in Labuan Bajo and Flores as well as Komodo National Park. This tour package starts from picking up at your hotel in Labuan Bajo, Komodo International Airport, other meeting points. Here are some of them :